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Hello, my name is Deafinitely Robb! Thank you for visiting my website.


Thank you for sharing my site virtually! If you have suggestions on topics you’d like hearing people to know better about, fill out the form and let me know! Or e-mail: contact at I’m always on the lookout for new ideas. Although I can’t promise I’ll write about your suggested topic, I can promise I’ll respond to your email within a few days.
If you’re curious, new or overwhelmed about the Deaf community, ask away. Don’t be afraid; I won’t bite you. 🙂 Everyone is welcome to the Deaf community with respect of Deaf people’s beliefs, culture, identities, languages, and values. If you prefer to email instead of using this form, you can send it to contact at

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Who's Deafinitely Robb?

Robb — the one behind Deafinitely Robb — is  a Deaf blogger who is also a dog lover. He self-advocates and serves as an activist for the Deaf community, and one way he does this is to rave about other Deaf-owned businesses.

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