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Isn’t ASL Really an Official Language?
  ASL is a beautiful language!  American Sign Language, or ASL, was first recognized as an official language with its… Read more.
Isn’t Being Deaf Creepy?
Happy October! Be prepared to read a few spooky stories. Take a look at a few examples of how being… Read more.
Deaf Influencers
  “America Got Talent” has always been one of my favorite TV programs. Even though I’m Deaf, I still love… Read more.
I’ve become busier once again this semester driving some of the over 40,000 UA Wildcat students, mostly to and from… Read more.
Lyft or Uber: Which Is Deaf-Friendlier?
  Many people ask whether I prefer Lyft or Uber, and which is more deaf-friendly.  I’ve worked for both companies… Read more.
Is Being Deaf a Disability?
This question is widely debated by different groups and even Deaf people themselves. First, let’s look at a few facts.… Read more.
Fun Quiz: The Deaf World!
  Answer the following questions and see your score! For your convenience, the feedback answers will be provided at the… Read more.
What’s Audism?
In the Deaf community, the word “audism” has started to appear on a regular basis. But what is it exactly?… Read more.
What’s LEAD-K?
During the 1970s, I attended an elementary school that had the “Hearing Impaired and Hard of Hearing Program.” (Note: “hearing… Read more.
10 Fun Facts about Robb
  1. Robb is a proudly Deaf man who is bilingual in American Sign Language (ASL) and English. 2. Robb… Read more.