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Fast Food Restaurants & Deaf Customers
In May 2019, a small group of young Deaf adults used the drive-through at a [McDonald’s in Delaware]. However, the… Read more.
Be Kind
I’d like to rave a bit about the “Be Kind” project. “Be Kind” is a project provided by the Ben’s… Read more.
I’m not Dead…I’m Deaf!
If I had a dollar for each time someone called me “dead” instead of “deaf,” or every time autocorrect changed… Read more.
How Do Deaf People Use the Telephone?
Have you ever wondered how Deaf people can use the phone? Thanks to modern technology, videophones are probably the most… Read more.
What’s Deaf Culture?
  Believe it or not, a few times I’ve been told that I was “full of it” or “funny”  when… Read more.
5 Common Myths and Facts about Deaf People
   1. Deaf people can’t hear anything. Deaf people are really a diverse group of people, and we all have… Read more.
Deaf Etiquette
https://youtu.be/z7vYR7fwQ8s Although I’ve been busy working on several projects, it’s never too late to wish you a Happy New Year!… Read more.
Robb’s Christmas Wishes List
  Hello! Like many of you, I’ve been busy this holiday season. I hope everyone’s been doing great! Although it’s… Read more.
Why I Blog?
Like so many other bloggers, I blog for many reasons. I won’t bore you with all the reasons, but there… Read more.
Save the Deaf Dogs!
About three years ago at a workshop, Tracy introduced herself to me. She had seen me by way of the… Read more.
The Problem is Hearing People Won’t Listen…
Nancy Rourke, De’VIA Deaf Artist “The problem is not that the Deaf don’t hear, the problem is the hearing won’t… Read more.
Isn’t ASL Really an Official Language?
ASL is a beautiful language! American Sign Language, or ASL, was first recognized as an official language with its own… Read more.
Isn’t Being Deaf Creepy?
Happy October! Be prepared to read a few spooky stories. Take a look at a few examples of how being… Read more.
Deaf Influencers
“America Got Talent” has always been one of my favorite TV programs. Even though I’m Deaf, I still love watching… Read more.
September means Deaf Awareness Month
I’ve become busier once again this semester driving some of the over 40,000 UA Wildcat students, mostly to and from… Read more.
Lyft or Uber: Which Is Deaf-Friendlier?
Many people ask whether I prefer Lyft or Uber, and which is more deaf-friendly.  I’ve worked for both companies since… Read more.