Isn’t Being Deaf Creepy?

Happy October! Be prepared to read a few spooky stories. Take a look at a few examples of how being Deaf can be creepy!

In some states, Deaf and Hard of Hearing drivers can have their vehicle’s license plate begin with the letter “H” to help alert police officers that they are Deaf. This is creepy because anyone who knows what H stands for could easily target that person, following the Deaf person home and then making plans to harm that person or burglarize the home. Think about the dangers of this. No, thank you!

Here’s a better solution. To ensure a Deaf driver’s privacy and safety, the option should instead be something like “H” on their driver’s license (not on the vehicle license plate), or even be flagged in the system. Police, of course, will need appropriate training on this. (Link:

It’s common for Deaf people to encounter hearing people who take advantage of their vulnerability. Take this story for example. A hearing man was chatting with a woman on a dating site, and he found out she was Deaf. He was thrilled and anxious to meet her. She was nervous and decided to discontinue the relationship for many reasons, but then he convinced her to meet him. They met up, and he took ASL classes and did everything to convince her he was the one for her. They married, and after years of narcissistic abuse, she finally divorced him. It didn’t end there; he kept manipulating and stalking her.

I once worked with a hearing person (who could barely sign) who believed I was vulnerable in every way and would go over my head no matter what I did. Even though I was the Deaf person, he said he was the expert on Deaf issues — and continues to promote himself as an expert. When I decided to let him go, he went to great lengths to destroy my reputation, and continues to do so. That’s creepy, but unfortunately not so uncommon.

Here’s another creepy story that has to do with my being Deaf. I had a neighbor who I had known for years, and hung out with from time to time. Even after we moved away from each other, we hung out. Once, I needed a new combination lock for my gate, and so he came with me. He volunteered to set the lock up for me while I was sorting through things at my new place. Things got a bit weird, and we ended our friendship. 

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Suddenly one night, I realized that he had the combination to my lock! The next morning, I hurriedly went and changed it…being Deaf has that added layer of security needs, especially not hearing if someone goes through my gate late at night. I could’ve been the victim of a slasher like Michael Myers in “Halloween”!

Here’s a great creepy movie to watch featuring a Deaf actress: “Hear No Evil,” featuring Marlee Matlin (filmed in 1993).

Stay safe, and have a happy Halloween!

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